Ted Nugent has a new live double CD/DVD set, Ultralive Ballisticrock, that comes out on Tuesday, October 22.

Nugent talked about his new haircut -- no more ponytail -- running for president, the government shutdown, and Ultralive Ballisticrock.

Speaking about his haircut, Nugent confirmed that the picture his wife posted on Instagram (see below) over the weekend is in fact real, and that her "hairgirl" is the one that cut it. He said he did it on a whim for convenience and mobility while he's on stage and hunting, and had nothing to do with a possible run for The White House in 2016.

What are Ted's thoughts on the government shutdown and how would he fix it?  Listen to the clip below to find out, and make sure you listen to whole thing so you can hear his message for Harry Reid and President Obama.

Nugent also talked about his TV show "Spirit of the Wild," "The Walking Dead," "Duck Dynasty," and Operation Finally Home.

Nugent on his new haircut and politics:

Full interview: