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In the year 2159, the world has become a wasteland with jobs far and few between and scavengers waiting to pick the bones of anyone weaker. Max (Matt Damon) is a survivor and a once scavenger, now with a mission to do and be better. Though these plans come to a shattering halt when he is give less than a week to live.

With little options remaining, Max must return to the underworld and his previous life in the hope of finding his way into the Valhalla of the future; Elysium. A floating world, eco-system and space station wrapped into one and made for only the privileged and super wealthy. There all disease can be fixed and all problems overcome.

His main opposition is the people of Elysium and their elected watchdog, Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster), all of whom don't want to share their world or medicine. As throughout time, violence becomes the only option when no other option is available. So with lives hanging in the balance, Max must make a run to prove that not only the rich or "Citizens" will be allowed to choose their fate.

Graphically, if you saw District 9, also by Director Neil Blomkamp, then you've seen the now future that is Elysium. The message this movie tries to send is not so subtle, class warfare today and the tomorrows to come. And while the action is sometimes fun, it's nothing groundbreaking. An exo-suit does not a movie make, even if its filled with Matt Damon.

Grade: C
MPAA Rating: R

Running time: 1hr 50mins.

Movie Trailer - Elysium

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