There have been many remakes and attempts of the Superman movies but none of them have ever been as good as this Man of Steel remake. It is a very well thought-out movie that goes into great detail about exactly who Superman is and the reasons for him being so much stronger than an average human being. As soon as the movie begins it goes right into the storyline of Superman who he is and why his biological parents send him to planet earth. The movie does a good job of explaining everything in full detail. It is a movie you must pay attention too and there is never a dull moment that takes place.  

This movie has a superb cast that includes Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, and Laurence Fishburne. Superman is played by Henry Cavill who is not only good to look at but is also great at playing this Superman role. He knew exactly how to approach this role as Superman. Someone who does a spectacular job is Michael Shannon who plays the villain Zod. He is phenomenal as Zod because he is very convincing and put plenty of emotion when playing the role of the bad guy. Something that is great about the villain Zod is that he has good reason for wanting world domination. His character believes in something he thinks is right. He believes that the judges of the world he is from known as Krypton are not doing what is best for the planet they all live on and he wants revenge against them. He wants Superman to join his alliance however because of Superman having very honorable morals he declines the offer.

Also Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell, Crowe and Laurence Fishburne all did an amazing job in their roles. Amy Adams played Louise Lane and really showed how versatile she can be when it comes to acting. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner both Clark Kent’s adoptive parents. And Laurence Fishburne plays Louise Lane’s boss for the newspaper. They all did outstanding jobs and I could not think of a better cast for this movie.

The acting was great and so were the action scenes. There are plenty of fighting sequences but they all really showed just how strong the Superman character is and the fact that it is in 3-D did not hurt the movie at all. Sometimes 3-D doesn’t work with some movies however with the way the Krypton world was created and showed it did give the audience a better view of that world.

Overall this movie was great it’s a perfect summertime kind of movie to go and see. It has something in it for everyone and is certainly not a disappointment. 

3 Stars