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It is 2028 and once again the city of Detroit takes a large hit as crime and corruption runs rampant. Half of the city is on the take including the police department and the media. Only a few honest detectives are left to fight the good fight; all the while living with a target painted on their back.

Leading this charge is Detective Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), a family man that pushes back against the dark and grime of the city. Unfortunately, the first in is usually the first to get hit. Shortly after his partner is shot, Detective Murphy finds himself the target of a horrific attack. Close to death and with no other options, a destroyed Alex Murphy gets reconstructed by the huge multi-national corporation OmniCorp.

A police officer not revived, but rebuilt, this once man must find his humanity in the jumble of wires and circuits that has become his living tomb. So now a new mission is created, can RoboCop Rise to the challenge and put his new machinery and might to good use for the city of Detroit.

So yes, better graphics and special effects do make a better RoboCop.(Not even going to mention RoboCop 2 & 3) At the end, it is a simplistic story that we already know, but good visuals and some minor humor make it a fun night out of filled with Sci-fi and action. On a side note: Someone hired Samual L. Jackson to yell at the camera...a lot.

IMAX worthy = Meh, spend the extra money on a larger popcorn.

Grade: C+
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Running time: 1hr 48mins.

Movie Trailer - RoboCop

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