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A race to save the art and history of the world begins when Frank Stokes (George Clooney) asks then President FDR for permission to create a team. Their sole purpose to save the art and culture of Europe before Hitler and the Third Reich burn it to the ground. Together with scholars, curators, sculptors and artists he invade war torn Paris and Germany in hopes of finding historical pieces that must live to see the future.

Unlikely pairings and a comedic wit serve this film as heart and courage is found in men portrayed by actors Bill Murray, George Clooney, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban and more. Men who chase treasure across the war torn map, while Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett build trust between their characters so secrets might be shared and priceless history can be returned.

Before this film, I expected a cinematic adventure filled with overacting and mugging. Luckily, I was proved emphatically wrong as this story, its direction and the characters came to life to deliver an unknown story to this generation. (And hopefully, a lesson for generations to come.)

Grade: A
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Running time: 1hr 58mins.

Movie Trailer - The Monuments Men

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