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A cynical and past his prime pot dealer named David (Jason Sudeikis) has a problem. He's been robbed and now owes money to men who have no issue killing him. Given little choice and all the risk, David must figure out a way to become a drug smuggler and delivery boy or he'll be chopped up into "dime" bag sizes.

Struck by an idea, he works to put together a brilliant cover that no police or border guard would question, that of a perfect and happy family. Unfortunately, he must shop around his own block for his "family", which leaves him with a stripper wife named Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a homeless girl for a daughter and a son that gets lost in his own clothes.

Together they must pick up a "smidge" of Marijuana from Mexico and get it back to Denver by the deadline.

Much like other Over-the-Top comedies of late, We're The Millers works to push your awkward meter and cross the line of good taste whenever possible. Anyone excited for this movie knows what to expect and they will get it in droves. The regular raunchy comedy rules apply with things you can't "un-hear" and many things you can't "un-see".

Grade: B
MPAA Rating: R

Running time: 1hr 50mins.

Movie Trailer - We're the Millers

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