A fender bender involving a motorcycle and a Range Rover on the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York City erupted into a chase and a brawl, police say, with the driver of the SUV getting beaten after fleeing the scene of the accident.

In video posted on YouTube, a group of bikers basically take over the roadway, and the driver of the Range Rover appears to accidentally strike one of them.

The Range Rover driven by Alexian Lien was surrounded by several bikers. One biker apparently cut the driver off and slammed on the brakes just before the SUV bumped his rear tire. But when the Lien — who was driving his wife, Rosalyn, and their five-month-old child — stopped, several bikers began to damage his SUV.

Lien fled, striking one biker. But the group caught up to him and pummeled him before cops arrived.

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