Ever been to a Who concert? Got any kickass Who memoribilia? It could pay off bigtime as the Who is asking fans to share. If you've got any rare or lost recordings, as well as any forgotten radio and TV performances, concert footage, bootlegs, photos, memorabilia etc then you need to email the group at thewho@umusic.com . The Who will include the best of the best in their forthcoming anniversary releases, and give you credit to boot! Plus each respective fan will receive two VIP tickets to a show on its upcoming tour.

Meanwhile, the group will put out a greatest hits collection, The Who Hits 50!, on October 28th, and Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend & Co. are prepping for a Who Hits 50! tour that will take them to arenas in the U.K. this fall and North America in 2015. Keep your fingers crossed for a Dallas date!