Some call it one of the best rock and roll films of all time. Released on this day in 1982, the same year I graduated high school - so ya know this movie was very influential to me. Much of it hit very close to home. The mall, the fast food restaurant, the fear of having sex lol. There are so many memorable scenes, from Linda (Phoebe Cates) emerging from the pool, to Spicoli (Sean Penn) falling out of a smokey van, to Brad (Judge Reinhold) wanting to kick 100% of a customer's ass, to Damone's (Robert Romanus) 5 point plan which includes playing side one of Zeppelin IV, to Ratner's (Brian Backer) date with Stacey (Jennifer Jason Leigh) where he almost gets it right... this movie is a CLASSIC! By now we all know Ratner played Kashmir off Physical Graffiti, I always gave Ratner (and writer Cameron Crowe) the benefit of the doubt as Kashmir is a much better make out song than The Battle of Evermore. Watch the scenes here!