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Ted McKay

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I must say I'm glad to be born and raised in Texas. No matter where you go in the world Texas is known. I grew up in East Texas where the pine trees are long and tall(just don't have them too close to your house when the wind blows or you could have a problem). . I remember being a kid with my old am radio listening to stations like WLS,Chicago(John Landecker,Yvonne Daniels,Jeff Davis and Larry Lujack) and especially WLAC in Nashville,Tenn where John R,Spiderman and Hossman Allen would play R&B late into the night. I had a cousin Howard Lampkin,who worked at KZEY in Tyler,so hearing someone you know on the radio was really cool. One day I called this jock named Benjamin Kane and went to look at KEEE radio in downtown Nacogdoches (that pretty much did it for me seeing all the buttons and pretty lights blinking,the old Gates turntables and stacks of records on shelves on the wall). Then I forgot about it and went on to graduate high school and started chasing the honies. Then college and more honies(with some studying thrown in for good measure). I had a friend(C- Daddy) who was a jock at KTBC in Nacogdoches who kept bothering me about being on air. I told him I used to think about it but there were others things I was into now and said forget it. But wouldn't leave me alone and this went on month after month. So I finally said ok what should I do? A few days later I met with the PD (Tom Baker) and he stunned me by hiring me on the spot. He said I had a nice voice and with some work it might be something big and said to come by Sat night and watch the jocks to get to know the equiptment. So here we go! That was the spring of 1979 and with a year or two here and there I've been on air ever since.

From little Nac to Shreveport,La to work at KEEL and KROK,to Longview to work for 96X,to Texarkana to work for KLLI,to Las Vegas NV to work for KRLV,to San Francisco,Ca to work for the mighty 610 KFRC,back to Vegas to work for Classy 100 and KKLZ,to Raleigh,NC to work for WZZU and WRDU and for the last few years here in Dallas at KZPS (LoneStar925). Like the Dead said-what a long strange trip it's been!

I'm a bassplayer! I've been playing for about 15 years and almost nothing is quite as satisfying as starting off with a song you know you want to play but have no idea how. I remember hearing George Harrison's Waa Waa. I knew I had to learn to play it. After a few run throughs to get the notes down I had it whipped after 5 tries! Next on my list of things to do as a musician is to learn to read notation. Not any tab junk but real notes. Music is music wherever you go,the notes are the same in China as they are in Tx. But your behind the 8 ball if someone puts a sheet in front of you and says"these are the notes I want you to play" and you can't read notation. (I've lost a few gigs because of that flaw. It's embrassing and those jobs where you have to read always pay very good)! When I listen to music the rhythm section always catches my ear first. We all know without that section a song is dead with no direction. The drummer and bassist keep things moving and if you get behind you'd better catch up because I'm not stopping!

I have a 95 Fender p-bass with old dead Labella flatwound strings on it to play all the old rock and Motown. You litterally have to play the hell out of it but man such a fat round sound is hard to find.To play music where you have to cut through I have a MusicMan 5 with Labella groundwound strings so you can punch through but still have a nice round fat tone. I play through a Fender amp with no effects for the p-bass but a mid punch for the MusicMan 5. An old music teacher in Raleight NC that used to tour with the Allman bros told me those are the only two guitars you'll NEED. Now what kind of ax you WANT is another deal. I would love to have a Marshall or Ampeg head with a Marshall cab. My dream ax would be a 1964-75 original p-bass with a sunburst finish and a tortoise shell pickguard.

My favorite bassists are Paul McCartney,Chuck Rainey,Jack Bruce,Getty Lee,John Paul Jones,Willie Weeks,Larry Graham and Duck Dunn. My bass hero is James Jamerson!


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