Missing Dog Reunited With Owner After Carjacking

A happy ending to a scary story. After an emotional week, Pinkie is finally back home. 

Pinkie was dog-napped when 71-year old Pam Wilson got carjacked at a Dollar General in Fort Worth last week. The pup had been missing ever since, until this past Saturday.

Turns out, Carlos Lagunas was chilling at home when Pam's stolen car pulled up and someone dumped Pinkie out." I was at my front porch and I'd seen a white car pull up across the street. All I heard was a door open, then they slammed it, and then they took off. The next thing I know she was sitting right there in the middle of the road," Carlos' niece saw one of Pinkie's fliers and told her Uncle it was the same dog. 

Now Pinkie and Pam are back together again!

"I'm just so excited and so thankful that she's safe and that she's home with me," Pam said. "I was never going to lose hope. We just had to get her back."

As for the carjacker, he's in the doghouse... as in jail.

Story courtesy YouTube user Noar TV

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