Alex Lifeson Puts Kibosh on 'LeeLifeson' Rumors

Welp, so much for that rumor....

A few days ago it was widely reported that Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee were considering teaming up without Neil Peart for a post-RUSH project called "LeeLifeson" this according to speculation from long time rock radio, and former VH1 That Metal Show host DJ Eddie Trunk

Well now, according to Donna Halper - a current radio consultant, historian and former DJ credited with breaking RUSH in America... she spoke directly with Alex Lifeson and posted the following on Facebook...

"I asked him [Alex] about the online rumors and he told me there's no LeeLifeson collaboration in the works. Both Geddy and Alex keep in close touch, of course, but both are very busy with their own projects. And neither has any plans for forming a band or touring or anything like that in the immediate future. As Alex just told me, the rumors are only rumors."

Well dang it!

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