Judge Bans Artimus Pyle's Involvement In Lynyrd Skynyrd Film

You may remember the story of Artimus Pyle, former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer, wanting to create a movie telling the tragic story of the band’s 1977 plane crash - well on Monday a judge issued a permanent injunction against Pyle's involvement.

U.S. District Court judge Robert Sweet wrote, 

"Cleopatra is prohibited from making its movie about Lynyrd Skynyrd when its partner substantively contributes to the project in a way that, in the past, he willingly bargained away the very right to do just that; in any other circumstance, Cleopatra would be as 'free as a bird' to make and distribute its work."

The judge sided with the families of Ronnie Van Zant and Steve & Cassie Gaines, as well as founding lead guitarist Gary Rossington, who sued the makers of the film, alleging Pyle assisted the making of the movie in violation of his former agreements with the band.

You can read the entire story courtesy TheHollywoodReporter.com

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