Did Ezekiel Elliott Quit On The Cowboys Yesterday?

The Cowboys were demolished by the Denver Broncos on Sunday 42-17. The day after, Monday morning quarterbacks are trying to figure out what went wrong.

Some prominent analysts are accusing Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott of "giving up" on his team. Hall of Famer (and formerTCU running back) LaDainian Tomlinson said during NFL Network's NFL GameDay Prime that Elliott "absolutely quit on his team today."

He is referring specifically to this play

Tomlinson clarified his statement...

"First his attitude on the sideline. Clearly, he didn't have any communication with his teammates. But also, he didn't want to talk to his teammates. Some times when things are going wrong, as a leader of that team, as a captain, you have to step up and rally the troops. You have to go to the offensive line and say, 'I know it's tough but let's keep battling, let's keep fighting.' You have to go to the quarterback and say, 'Hey man, I'm not getting it done today - you have to step it up.' You have to rally the troops. They need him to do that because last year, he led the league in rushing. So everybody is looking at him as the top dog. So if you want to be the top dog, you have to do it on and off the field."

Others were quick to point out Tomlinson shouldn't throw stones from inside his glass house. He once famously sat on the sidelines with his helmet and visor on as the Chargers' season was ending.

Here's WFAA's Mike Leslie with the bigger picture

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