Forget Records, CDs and Tapes. Say Hello To Oreo Vinyl

OK, now I've seen .. err.. heard it all!

A Hong Kong-based marketing agency called Dimension Plus has created a cookie-themed record player.  To market the iconic Oreo cookie to Chinese teenagers, the agency converted edible Oreos into miniature record players.   

According to the agency...

We created an Oreo that plays music by replacing the classic embossing with grooves on the cookies’ surface that work as a vinyl record.  We placed these music embossed Oreos in special Music Packs.  Each cookie in the pack plays the Oreo anthem in a different musical style. 

These include jazz, electronic, classical, and Chinese pop. The agency explained,

The data on the cookie is embossed with a mod…  We wrote a program to transform the music into a pattern.  After that, we make it into a laser-engraving friendly format and produce the mod for the Oreo Vinyl production.”

And just in case you’re wondering, yes, you can eat the cookie afterwards.

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