Jeff K's Dallas Cowboys Photo Album 10.08.17

We've seen this movie before. 

The Dallas Cowboys marched down the field and scored a touchdown to take the lead with 72 seconds left. Perfect right? WRONG! Just like last year's Playoffs... a minute is apparently way too much time for Aaron Rodgers to work his magic and rip the collective heart out of Cowboys Nation's chest. Gotta give Rodgers credit, with no timeouts and just under 30 seconds remaining, he scrambled for 18 yards to move the chains on third down and set up the game-winning TD. 

The Cowboys will have plenty of time to go over the autopsy as they now enter their bye week two full games behind the Eagles in the NFC East. OUCH! Is the season fading away? The Cowboys' record (2-3) suggests so, they're a below average team. There's still time to turn it around but the margin for error is now razor-thin.

On a different note, as the In-Stadium Host for the Cowboys I have unique access on game day. I emcee various games with fans on the CowboysVision screens. I'll also interview a Cowboys player on the field after a big win (no interview the past 2 weeks). Then, postgame you can find me co-hosting the party in the Miller Lite Corral on the West Plaza.

Here's some pictures I took on Sunday.

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