What Now For Jason Garrett?

The Cowboys seemed to get a Christmas Eve miracle.... heading into their afternoon tilt, many things out of their control fell in line keeping their Playoff hopes alive. The Falcons lost. The Lions lost. The one thing the Cowboys COULD control was their ability to beat the Seattle Seahawks, and for much of the game it appeared Seattle was ready to roll over. For the Cowboys though,  questionable play calling, poor execution, and turnovers led to an embarrassing 21-12 loss on Christmas Eve.

Welp, now the hot topic on Christmas Day is the future of Jason Garrett. CowboysNation is up in arms looking to place much of the blame at the feet of the head coach and his offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

After Sundays's loss Jerry Jones seemed to imply he wouldn't be making any changes at the head coaching position....

Cowboys tight-end Jason Witten held back tears after the game...

Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News wrote a scathing article with the headline Jason Garrett has to go! Why Cowboys should fire coach

Do you agree?

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