Bono Stands For Women In New Time Magazine Op-Ed

Gotta hand it to Bono, he's never afraid to jump into the fray... whether it's ending hunger, fighting AIDS, or more recently tackling rampant global misogyny. The U2 frontman recently created Poverty is Sexist, a campaign that documents the link between poverty and gender, which works to dismantle the world’s educational opportunity crisis — by which 130 million girls are denied access to schools in the world’s poorest countries.

In a new essay he's written for Time Magazine, the U2 frontman believes it's long overdue for men to do their part in the fight for women's rights. 

"I say it seemed obvious to me, but if I’m honest, it didn’t always. I have been home-schooled on this issue in a very powerful way by my wife Ali and our two daughters. The news that I was getting Glamour’s first Man of the Year award amped up a conversation in our house–that Eve and Jordan think is the only conversation–about the fact that, as Jordan reminds me, there is nowhere on earth where women have the same opportunity as men. Nowhere. Which has something to do with the fact that around the world, there are 130 million girls who are not in school. That’s so many girls that, if they made up their own country, it would be bigger in population than Germany or Japan." -- Bono

Read the entire essay here

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