Billy Gibbons "Depeche Mode And Ministry Changed My Life"

In an article last year on, ZZ Top guitarist and singer Billy F Gibbons revealed the 10 records that changed his life, and the list may surprise you.

Making the list were Cream, Hendrix, and the Stones... but alongside the typical rock fare were albums by Depeche Mode (Some Great Reward) and Ministry (The Land Of Rape And Honey

Gibbons said of Depeche Mode... "It’s the home of Master and Servant and People are People. I am constantly impressed with how they meld a bleak world view with synch and turn it all into great pop music. That’s alchemy!"

and of Ministry.... "Al Jorgensen is a guy whose commitment is total and this is the album where he really found his footing. It paves the way to the possibilities offered by it's rich and dark, industrial approach. The wicked application of hands-on electronics on that excursion are most substantive. What can I say? I’m a fan.

See the entire list here courtesy

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