Jimmie Vaughan Approves Artwork For Vaughan Bros Tribute

EXCITING NEWS! Thanks to Kirby Warnock and the folks at the Vaughan Brothers Art Project we have another update on the tribute piece set to be installed in Kiest Park in Oak Cliff later this year. 

According to Kirby, the final design of the artwork to be produced by artist Casto Solano was approved by Jimmie Vaughan and the Office of Cultural Affairs yesterday. Because Solano is using several images of the Vaughan brothers, clearances had to be obtained from each photographer, or owner, of those images. 

Keep in mind the illustration below was the concept that Casto submitted when he was in the competition for the artwork assignment. His final design will be slightly different.

Original Concept of Vaughan Brothers Art Project

Now Solano will start fabricating the artwork in Spain, then it will be shipped over to Dallas for installation in Kiest Park. The tentative timeline has it installed in May, with the dedication ceremony to follow.  

Jimmie & Stevie Ray Vaughan

Warnock stressed: "This artwork is honoring both Vaughan brothers, Jimmie and Stevie. Fans that really know SRV’s background know that he picked up the guitar because of his big brother, Jimmie. We chose Kiest Park because the brothers grew up just four blocks from there and spent a lot of their childhood, and teen years, hanging out there. It is “historically correct” as we like to say."

Stay tuned!

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