The 100 Greatest Texas Musicians Of All Time

Back in 2012 local blog CentralTrack released their list of the 100 Greatest Texas Musicians Of All Time and while I agree with much of who made the list, I'm having trouble agreeing with the ranking of some of the artists. Namely one Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan who comes in at #27? Obviously, from a Classic Rock perspective, you'd expect to see him much higher, if not #1. 

Keep in mind, the CentralTrack blog and this article's writer Cory Graves were appealing to a younger demographic, and coming at it from an "all types of music" perspective, including Country, Pop and even Classical.

Here are the Classic Rock artists and their ranking... see if you agree?

74) Jimmie Vaughan

60) Boz Scaggs

58 Steve Miller

49) Johnny & Edgar Winter

47) ZZ Top

32) Pantera

27) Stevie Ray Vaughan

22) Stephen Stills

17) Meat Loaf

14) Janis Joplin

10) Don Henley

3) Roy Orbison

2) Buddy Holly

1) Willie Nelson

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