Who Are The UK’s Richest Musicians?

The Sunday Times just released their annual list of the wealthiest musicians in the U.K. and once again Classic Rockers rule the roost. 

Sir Paul McCartney is without a doubt the richest musician. The former Beatle's fortune of £820m is thanks to the royalty stream from The Beatles back catalog, plus a 37-date international tour grossing £100m in ticket sales.

Here's the TOP TEN

1. Sir Paul McCartney £820m ($1.1b)

2. Lord Lloyd-Webber £740m ($998m)

3. U2 £569m ($768m)

4. Sir Elton John £300m ($405m)

5. Sir Mick Jagger £260m ($351m)

6. Keith Richards £245m ($330m)

7. Olivia and Dhani Harrison £230m ($310m)

8. Sir Ringo Starr £220m ($297m)

9. Michael Flatley £202m ($273m)

10. Sting £190m ($256m)


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