Legendary Ring Announcer Handles Stanley Cup Final Intros

As an NHL Public Address Announcer, I have mixed feelings about this. 

You've reached the pinnacle of your profession only to be replaced. It might really bother me had it been any other night for any other team in any other city, in any other season. This was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final in Las Vegas, for a team that wasn't even in the league last season, including the PA announcer who never worked an NHL game prior to this season. I also suspect this was a one-game-only spectacle and we'll hear the fine work of Vegas Golden Knights PA voice Bruce Cusick for Game 2.

In case you didn't see it, Vegas put on quite the pregame "show" prior to their Game 1 victory Monday night against the Washington Capitals. Legendary ring announcer Michael Buffer introduced the Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals, as only he can.



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