Two Rock Legends Team Up For The Tune 'Holy Grail'!!

John Fogerty and ZZ Top frontman Billy F Gibbons have teamed up for a new song "Holy Grail," which is set for digital release on June 8.  Fogerty wrote the song, which features additional vocals from Gibbons and his distinctive style of guitar playing. He said the song was the result of a short session he and Gibbons had in February and posted on Facebook to promote their Blues & Bayous tour.  "I am so happy to be playin' and singin' with the Reverend BFG. That Sharp Dressed Man, himself. This is the Holy Grail!," said Fogerty.  Billy F Gibbons says, "It's not an overstatement to say that writing a song with John Fogerty is a genuine bonus! It's fair to say that John and I are both pumped about our collaboration and we think this new one called "Holy Grail" holds true with some great storytelling and some solid guitarists movin' the number right along. It begs a shout of, 'Turn it up!'"


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