Dennis DeYoung Reacts To STYX Performing 'Mr. Roboto'

You may remember last week I posted the video of Styx performing "Mr. Roboto" live for the first time in 35 years (you can see it again if you scroll down). Well, former Styx frontman and the impetus behind the controversial 1983 song and subsequent album Kilroy Was Here, Dennis DeYoung took to Facebook to express his feelings about the whole thing. As expected, DeYoung calls out Tommy Shaw and James JY Young...

It’s just two guys finally admitting the obvious. And as always following the money. Can’t imagine how many times the boys were asked the question “hey how come you ain’t playing Roboto?” Burtnik wanted to play it, Todd and Gowan wanted to play it, and millions of others wanted to hear it. But no, this song ruined the band. And so now, 35 years later nearly to the day, June 2nd 1983 Tommy quit the band on stage in D.C. because of Kilroy and Mr. Roboto and now it’s resurrected. Hallelujah. 

You can read the entire post below



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