Preview; DAVID CASSIDY: "The Last Session" - on A&E


David's son Beau just gave us a statement saying, "We, the Cassidy family, were not affiliated with the A&E documentary. All we are interested in is maintaining the legacy of the icon he was."   

Despite pronouncements to the contrary, the late David Cassidy never stopped drinking.

He made the startling confession as part of the upcoming A&E documentary David Cassidy: The Last Session. In a phone conversation with A&E producer Saralena Weinfield, he also admitted that he was dying of liver disease, not dementia. Even with a lifelong pattern of alcohol abuse and DUIs, he said that he kept drinking "to cover up the sadness and emptiness."

The confession rocked his family, especially his adult children Katie and Beau, who thought David was finally maintaining sobriety.

Partridge Family co-star, lifelong pal and fellow recovering alcoholic Danny Bonaduce says, "Part of alcoholism is lying... When you’re an addict, you know you can’t be honest with people. You say what you want them to hear. I can’t be mad at David for that, but it’s still a tragedy."

David dies on November 21st at age 67.

David Cassidy: The Last Session airs Monday night on A&E. (People)


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