Roger Daltrey Has New Music Coming Your Way,Thanks To Pete Townsend!!

Credit Pete Townshend with getting Roger Daltrey to release his ninth solo album -- and first in 26 years -- As Long as I Have You.  The Who singer tells Billboard that he started working on the album about four years ago, only to have it derailed by the band's touring schedule and a bout with meningitis "that took six months out of my life."  "When I went back and listened to what I'd done, I was very disillusioned with it," Daltrey recalls. "I thought it was rubbish and didn't go anywhere. I just completely lost the momentum of it and didn't like what I was hearing, and I just thought, 'This is not a good idea' and was gonna shelve it."  But Daltrey's management and label, still keen on the project, quietly slipped the music to Townshend, who encouraged his Who mate to put it out.  "It was him who convinced me to carry on," Daltrey says. "Pete called me up and said, 'This is great, Roger, you've got to finish it.' And then he offered to play guitar on it, and that was the clincher for me because he's my favorite guitarist, and whenever he plays on a record it's always original. So I decided to finish it, and I'm very pleased with the outcome."


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