Did You Know Jimmy Page Did This Tune Before Zeppelin?

Every fan of Kevster, Paul and Winnie from the hit TV series The Wonder Years recognizes Page’s wailing opening notes to this solid-gold Beatles cover. Toward the end of his tenure with the Yardbirds, but before starting up Led Zeppelin in ‘68, Page returned to the studio to lend a little help to his friend, British crooner Joe Cocker, then working on his debut solo album, aptly titled With a Little Help From My Friends. Page would play on over five album tracks, but his dramatic contribution here will always be what we remember best. Page explodes over an organ intro with the song’s signature guitar howling. Cocker builds the song up and up again, pleading quietly then snarling through the choruses. It hit No. 1 in the U.S. -- another notch on Page’s belt -- all before he started Led Zeppelin.


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