Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page Shuts Down Tour Hopes, But Promises New Project!!

It's rare for Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones to be spotted in the same place these days, but considering the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's formation is imminent, a reunion of the band's surviving members is arguably due. The classic rockers are celebrating their milestone with a 368-page book, entitled Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin, set for release this October. They announced the project Tuesday (June 12) with a photo of the trio holding a working draft of their latest non-music offering.  According to publisher Reel Art Press, "Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin is the first and only official illustrated book to be produced in collaboration with the members of the band." A goldmine for diehard Zeppelin heads, the book "includes previously unpublished photos, artwork from the Led Zeppelin archives and contributions from photographers around the world."    Jimmy Page photographed at the Bowery Hotel in New York City on  Nov. 4, 2014.   Read More  Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page Shuts Down Tour Hopes, But Promises New Project    Although Page, Plant and Jones have collectively crushed hopes for additional live performances, perhaps Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin will soften the blow for fans. It's available for preorder now.


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