You're Never Too Old To Rock And Roll!!

 The Rolling Stones are the top-earning touring rock band of 2018 so far, according to industry monitor Pollstar, which recently published its six-month worldwide Top 100 and put the band in third place overall.   While pop stars Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars were ahead of the Stones, making $213.9 million and $113.4 million, respectively, the veteran band, with $100.8 million, were comfortably ahead of Eagles, Roger Waters, U2 and the Foo Fighters. You can see the rock and metal list below.       “This year’s survey saw a 12 percent jump in total gross from last year’s $1.97 billion to a record-setting $2.21 billion" across the Top 100, Pollstar noted. "It’s the chart’s biggest rise since 2015-16 and a change from 2017’s mid-year total gross, which actually decreased by $10 million."   Pollstar said that "soaring average ticket prices contributed significantly to worldwide touring’s ascendant gross with a record high of $96.31 – a 14.1 percent increase and nearly $12 jump over 2017’s $84.40. The precipitous rise speaks to the industry’s aggressive pricing strategy to better meet demand and exclude the secondary market.”   It was also noted that the overall number of concert tickets sold among the Top 100 slightly fell to 22.9 million from 23.4 million this time last year. In terms of individual prices, Bruce Springsteen’s average $509 for entry to his Springsteen on Broadway show was highest, with $40 for Marvel Universe Live! the lowest. “Apples and oranges!!


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