Zeppelin 'borrowed' A Song Or Two But Everybody's Gotta Pay To Play!!

In addition to writing some of the greatest songs in rock 'n' roll history, Led Zeppelin's also been accused of plagiarizing some of the greatest songs in rock 'n' roll history. "Dazed and Confused" remains one of the band's most iconic songs, but someone else may deserve credit for the legendary track. American folk singer Jake Holmes — who opened for The Yardbirds when Page was its guitarist — claims to have written the song. Holmes' version was released in 1967, two years before Led Zeppelin I, where Zeppelin's version first appeared. Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty even admitted to buying Holmes' album the day after the band heard the song, saying, "We decided to do a version. We worked it out together with Jimmy contributing the guitar riffs in the middle." Page was credited on Led Zeppelin I as the sole songwriter of "Dazed and Confused" and adamantly denied ripping off Holmes, claiming, "I haven't heard Jake Holmes so I don't know what it's all about anyway. Usually my riffs are pretty damn original. What can I say?"  But there's more. A lawsuit was filed against Led Zeppelin for ripping the guitar arpeggio from Spirit's "Taurus" for the band's ultra-famous "Stairway to Heaven," but the band was controversially cleared of plagiarism. Led Zeppelin also originally claimed to have written "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You," though the band eventually gave due credit to Anne Bredon in 1990 — and paid her substantial back-royalties. Other Zeppelin songs were pressed with controversial credits, including "You Shook Me," "Black Mountain Side," Whole Lotta Love," "Bring it on Home," "Boogie with Stu," and a whole lot more — making Led Zeppelin perhaps one of history's most successful plagiarists!! But they had to pay-to play like everyone else!!


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