Restaurant MAD a couple showing video of WORMS in FOOD!!! YUK!!!

Get ready to LOOSE YOUR LUNCH!


You’ve heard “there’s a fly in my soup,” but what about “a worm in my cod?” One family out for a celebratory birthday dinner got a little more than they paid for when they discovered a parasitic worm in their codfish.

Jim Guinee was at dinner at the popular Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant in Asbury Park, New Jersey with his family, when his girlfriend noticed a worm wriggling around in her food. Guinee posted a video of the critter CRAWLING OUT OF THEIR FOOD - and it racked up more than 100,000 views on Facebook.

The restaurant is less than thrilled, claiming that Guinee was trying to destroy their reputation as an attorney of law “due to something that could have happened to anyone.” See the video to the right and be ready to lose your appetite.

Source: New Jersey


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