My Friend Jon Dillon And ZZ Tops Muddywood Guitar!!

"Muddywood", a guitar made of wood from Muddy Waters' Stovall Plantation cabin by Billy Gibbons, of ZZ Top!! Lonestar listeners will keep you on your toes..I had not heard about this until a few days ago!! I need a vacation!! Anything my friend Jon Dillon(my rock professor) got behind always had a great story to it!  ZZ Top has been a longtime, major supporter of the Museum. Their contributions are spelled out in the text on our Blues Trail Marker: "The rock band ZZ Top played a key role in raising funds for the museum in 1988. The band's guitarist, Billy Gibbons, had some "Muddywood" guitars constructed from fallen boards he found at the house where Muddy Waters once lived on the Stovall plantation. One of the guitars was displayed at Hard Rock Cafes around the world and then became a permanent exhibit at the museum. With the cooperation of the Stovall family, the home was later disassembled, restored, taken on tour by the House of Blues nightclub chain, and eventually moved to the museum."  You can see a Muddywood Guitar, the Muddy cabin, and many other Muddy artifacts in our new Muddy Waters Addition. Thanks again, ZZ Top!Muddywood isn’t a guitar that Gibbons has toted around on the road and played the crap out of, it’s more of a tribute guitar to Muddy Waters.It was built from cypress beams that were once a part of the cabin that Muddy Waters grew up in, at Stovall Farms, in Missisippi.Muddy worked as a tractor driver and sharecropper there.The guitar was unveiled in 1998 at the Delta Blues Museum, and currently sits in a corner of the restored cabin where Muddy once lived!!


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