John Lennon; IMAGINE BOX on the way... but first, YOKO sings.


John Lennon fans have a reason to get excited. A new box set is hitting stores on what would’ve been his 78th birthday. “John Lennon: Imagine: The Ultimate Box Set” is a massive collection of mixes and outtakes of Lennon’s iconic album.

Yoko Ono reportedly authorized the six-disc collection of 140 tracks, overseeing the set’s production and creative direction. Fans can expect not only “ultimate mixes,” promising “whole new levels of sonic depth, definition and clarity,” but also “The Evolution Documentary” chronicling the production of each of the album’s classic songs from start to finish.

“John Lennon: The Ultimate Box Set” is due for release on October 5th. In addition, remastered versions of the films “Imagine” and “Gimme Some Truth” are being released in October. Ono has also curated a new book that will be published a few days after the box set on October 9th, “Imagine John & Yoko,” which recounts the making of “Imagine.”

  • That’s not all! – Yoko Ono is giving fans another taste of her upcoming album “Warzone,” with a reimagined version of a song from her 1996 album “Rising.” The track, “Where Do We Go From Here?” comes along with a lyric video that features animated versions of Ono’s drawings. “Warzone” is will be released on October 19th. Check it out to the right.

Source: Variety


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