Remembering Keith Moon, Born On This Day In 1946

72 years ago today Keith John Moon was born. He grew up in Alperton, a suburb of Wembley, in Middlesex, England and took up the drums during the early 1960s. After playing with a local band, the Beachcombers, he joined the Who in 1964 before they recorded their first single. 

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Keith Moon

Keith Moon became famous for his unique, eccentric and self-destructive behavior, both behind the drumkit and in his personal life. Moon developed a reputation for smashing his kit on stage and destroying hotel rooms on tour.


Moon suffered a number of setbacks during the 1970s, most notably the accidental death of chauffeur Neil Boland and the breakdown of his marriage. He became addicted to alcohol, particularly brandy and champagne, and acquired a reputation for decadence and dark humour; his nickname was "Moon the Loon."

While touring with the Who, on several occasions he passed out on stage and was hospitalized. By their final tour with him in 1976, and particularly during the production of The Kids Are Alright and Who Are You, his's deterioration was evident. 

Moon moved back to London in 1978, dying in September of that year from an overdose of Heminevrin, a drug intended to treat or prevent symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.



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