Air Mattress Surfing!


If you’re not a surfer I am guessing you have never heard of The Wedge—which is a site in Newport Beach famous for its towering, wedge-shaped waves—that attract dozens of thrill-seeking surfers and bodyboarders during large summer swells.

But even if you are one, I doubt you’ve ever heard of what I am about to show you.

Someone riding one of those incredible waves—on an air mattress.

Yup, it happened last Friday, with wave faces peaking at nearly 20-feet no less, when Quinn Kasbar decided to test his skills on a giant air mattress.

Kasbar’s ride was a little bouncy, but he negotiated the precipitous drop to perfection and managed to avoid pulverization, undoubtedly to the delight of those watching from the shore.

I’m not saying Quinn nailed it but he certainly didn’t get caught sleeping on this wave.


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