Frozen Antarctica (town) discovered on GOOGLE EARTH!


The Full Story:

  • A paranormal investigator on YouTube has made an interesting discovery on Google Earth
  • He has found a "town"-like site that is slowly emerging underneath thawing ice
  • It first emerged in 2001 when the ice started to melt

A mysterious “town” has been discovered in Antarctica, buried under thawing ice. You can thank Google for that, since it was spotted by a paranormal investigator using Google Earth.

In a YouTube video, the investigator, known by his YouTube channel “Conspiracy Depot,” can be seen taking a closer look at the location on Google Earth. He says that the mile-long site made up of some “sinister-looking” structures could be “related to some man-made activities for research purposes.” But at the same time, he reports that the nearest research station is some 200 miles away from the site. Check out the video to the right.

Viewers weren’t shy to start offering their conspiracy theories about the site in the comments. Some mused that it could be a nuclear bunker for the elites, while others suggested it may be an ancient landing pad for aliens. The “city” reportedly first emerged around 2001 when the ice started to melt around it.

Source: Express


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