Kiss: The Solo Albums – 40th Anniversary Collection

I remember when I was a card-carrying member of the KISS Army in 8th grade. At the height of the band's popularity and marketability, they were also on the verge of breaking up. Instead, their manager suggested they "take a break" and each release a solo album, simultaneously. The four KISS solo albums were released on the same day, September 18, 1978, to varying degrees of popularity. Ace Frehley had a moderate hit with his cover of Hello's "New York Groove" and Gene Simmons managed to convene an incredible array of guests for his album including; Cher, Joe Perry, Bob Seger, Rick Nielsen, Helen Reddy, and Donna Summer among others.

Well, now those solo albums will be reissued in a limited-edition box set to mark their 40th anniversary. Kiss: The Solo Albums – 40th Anniversary Collection is released October 19th. Only 2,500 copies will be available.



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