Pricey Beatles Pinball Machine Coming To Market!!

Beatles store announced its plans to launch a new Beatles-themed pinball machine.  The Beatles' official Store website will launch a limited-run of special Beatlemania pinball machines in various editions, including 100 Diamond Edition, 250 Platinum Edition, 1,614 Gold Editions, only 1964 games in total will be shipped.  The store has not revealed any additional details about the editions and pricing. However, several reports suggest that the Diamond Edition could be the most expensive pinball machine of all time.  "This game has been designed with a classic look and feel to it, following a similar pattern used in games before they had ramps, toys and other fancy things," Arcade Heroes reported. "It features four flippers, a playfield spinning disc with a magnet, eleven drop targets, the full color LCD screen and a classic bell sound for a vertical spinner."


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