50 Years Ago Today 'Yardbirds, Now Known As Led Zeppelin'

As Led Zeppelin begins to celebrate their 50th Anniversary as a band, today we get an early milestone. It was on this day in 1968 when the band played at the Roundhouse Chalk Farm in London and they promoted themselves as "Yardbirds, Now Known as Led Zeppelin" as this was one of the first gigs they played after dropping the name ‘The Yardbirds.' You can see from the Instagram post below, more detail about the evening.

Rafael de Swarte from the support act, Tyres: “It was an exciting time, the day the Beatles’ White Album was released and just before Zeppelin headed to the States. John Lee Hooker was hanging around backstage watching.” The band were paid £150 for this show

Coincidently, Robert Plant celebrated his wedding the same day. Plant married Maureen Wilson on November 9th,1968. They would go on to have three children together; Carmen Jane (1968), Karac Pendragon (1972), and Logan Romero (1979). 



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