Jukebox Hero, the Musical!


The Foreigner musical, Jukebox Hero, will have its world premiere in February in Toronto. It has previously been staged in workshop productions in Calgary and Edmonton.

The show, which features 16 of the band's hits, is set in Blaydon, Pennsylvania, a rust-belt town dependent on a single industry. A factory closing and a suddenly unemployed workforce seeks the help of Blaydon’s most famous son, a successful musician whose return home means confronting the ghosts of his past.

Foreigner mainstay Mick Jones says, “I am so proud that these songs will now be reinterpreted for stage, and am honored by the team that is helping bring this music to life. I can’t express the gratitude I feel when fans share stories of how our songs have been woven into their milestones and memories over the years."

The musical originated in a conversation between Jones and Diana Ross in an airport lounge in the 1980s. She suggested that Foreigner's music belonged in a stage production.


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