Noah the Time Traveler!


Noah The Time Traveler. Noah can be found on the ApexTV You Tube Channel. He’s one who claims to be from the year 2030, and that he’s been alive for 50 years. However, he’s really 25-years-old thanks to a “combination of secret drugs.” 

His ability to travel through time keeps bringing back to ApexTV so that he can share his prophecies about what life will be like a decade from now. In the past, Noah has treated his viewers to video that supposedly came from the future – likely shot with a camera back-fitted with technology that could be used with our prehistoric devices, holding Q & A session, and even once taking a lie detector test to prove he’s the real deal. 

His latest predictions have to do specifically with The Philippines. Noah makes it clear that he’s never been to The Philippines “in the future,” but he’s been there in the past. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? Anyway, in the future The Philippines will merge with other countries in southeast Asia, such as Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Even though he doesn’t have a name for the new “mega-country,” he says they will become “very, very powerful.” It will also be a “giant utopia” free of crime and corruption through the used of an “artificial intelligence police task force” and implanting “brain chips into as many people as possible.” Sounds great! 


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