David Lee Roth Has A New Tattoo Skin-Care Line

As we've come to know, David Lee Roth is a man of many interests, whether martial arts or EMT or radio DJ or even the lead singer of Van Halen. Now, according to a recent interview with Vogue, Diamond Dave also revealed his latest business venture, Ink The Original, a new skin-care line specifically made to preserve, protect, and highlight tattoos and keep them from fading. 

In the article, Roth also revealed he has a new line of outdoor gear on the way, and that he was "butchered" on Van Halen's earnings. He said "Up until 18 months ago, I was making pennies in royalty on a $20 Van Halen record. I got butchered 40 years ago. I made over a billion dollars for Warner Bros. I watched my whole fortune walk off into another man’s pocket"



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