Paul McCartney & Emma Stone Stand Up To Bullying In "Who Cares" Video

Today we got the amazing new video (actually it's 65mm film) for 'Who Cares', the anti-bullying song (and latest single) from Paul McCartney’s most recent album Egypt Station. The short film stars Paul as a behavioral hypnotist meteorologist and Academy Award-winning actress Emma Stone as his patient. The film was produced by former Dallas resident and good friend, Kyle Schember, along with Michael Abbott for Subtractive Inc. Paul has joined forces with Creative Visions, a global nonprofit organization that uses the power of media and the arts to ignite positive social change. Creative Visions has partnered not only with Paul and 'Who Cares' producers Subtractive Inc., but also with Facebook, Enso, Artemis Rising Foundation, and the Blue Chip Foundation to launch #WhoCaresIDo, a campaign inspired by the song and film. #WhoCaresIDo hopes to reach millions, first raising awareness and engagement regarding the issues addressed by the song and film, then providing them with tools to take action through a network of experts and partners, empowering people to treat others with support and kindness. 



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