Hanging Out With Dallas Radio Legend Jon Dillon!!

It was Lonestar 925 day at Snuffers in Richardson! It did my heart good to see Jon and Nancy Dillon!! Plus Jim Fitzgerald (a engineer who retired from Lonestar) was there too so it was the song 'Good Times' by Chic!! Jon still has his sense of humor and he remembers things I had forgotten long ago. To be honest Jon taught me three things..

ALWAYS talk to listeners one on one, like when you're at lunch across the table talking!

ALWAYS write down what your gonna say before you turn the mic on so you know where to start, where to finish and you won't sound like a idiot!!

ALWAYS tell where the music came from and how it was created,folks love the story on the other side of the glass in the recording studio and how bands were inspired or influenced!!

Thank you Jon for those lessons!! I surely wouldn't be where I am now or looking at awesome things in the future if not for his advice!! So if a radio personality who's been on the air in Dallas over 40 years wants to give you advice on your craft...YOU LISTEN!! JD isn't on the air anymore but he is NOT FORGOTTEN!! Thank you Nancy for getting us all out and breaking bread together again!!


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