36 Years Ago Today Bowie Put On His Red Shoes And Danced The Blues

Released on this day in 1983, Let's Dance is the 15th studio album by David Bowie. Co-produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, the album contains three of his most successful singles; the title track, "Let's Dance", which reached No. 1 in the UK, US and various other countries, as well as "Modern Love" and "China Girl", which both reached No. 2 in the UK. "China Girl" was a new version of a song which Bowie had co-written with Iggy Pop for the latter's 1977 album The Idiot. It also contains a re-recorded version of the song "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)", which had reached number one in New Zealand, Norway and Sweden a year earlier.


Let's Dance was nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy Award in 1984 but lost to Michael Jackson's Thriller. It has sold 10.7 million copies worldwide, making it Bowie's best-selling album. Let's Dance was also a stepping stone for the career of Stevie Ray Vaughan, who played on it.


I rememberĀ Let's DanceĀ fondly as it came out during my time at UT Arlington and I featured it prominently in my first ever college radio shows. Happy 36th Anniversary!



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