It's Official, Dallas Is One Of The Beefiest Cities In The U.S.

Beef: Bone Top Sirloin

Thanks to the fine work of Sara Blaskovich at, comes this story....

According to a recent survey conducted by, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio are ranked in the top ten as the most "Beefiest Cities" in the U.S. The study looked at cities with over 100,000 residents and counted up their barbecue joints, burger houses, steakhouses and butcher shops, and any spot where beef is what’s for dinner (or lunch, or heck, even breakfast) per resident.

Here's the TOP TEN BEEFIEST CITIES in the U.S.

10) Nashville, TN

9) Louisville, KY

8) Houston, TX

7) Dallas, TX

6) Tuscon, AZ

5) San Antonio, TX

4) Indianapolis, IN

3) Jacksonville, FL

2) Memphis, TN

1) Las Vegas, NV

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