George Harrison; While My Guitar is Richly Sold...

George Harrison's "Futurama" Guitar Up For Sale!

A George Harrison guitar could soon fetch a quarter-million dollars at auction.

Bonhams of London will be taking bids in June on a Futurama electric guitar that he played during The Beatles' time performing in Hamburg. The instrument, in its original case decorated with Hamburg stickers, has never previously come up for sale.

According to the blog, George bought the guitar in 1959 and played it in Germany in 1960. It's also in photos of a show in Scotland that same year.

Harrison gave the inexpensive guitar to England's Beat Instrumental magazine in 1964 to offer as a competition prize. But the winner chose cash instead of the instrument, which is now valued well into six figures.

The editor of Beat Instrumental held onto the Futurama for more than 50 years; a member of his family put it up for auction.

Hot Takes:

  • Futurama has nothing to do with the animated TV series.
  • The Czech-made guitars were sold in the U.K. by instrument maker Selmer (a company well known for its clarinets).
  • Eric Clapton and Gerry Marsden both played Futuramas in the early '60s.
  • "If he only knew then, what we know now." Wouldn't you love to know which aspiring musician turned down the chance to own George's Futurama in 1964. D.U.M.B.


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