Starbucks Cup Seen On Table In Game Of Thrones


Well, it's all happening, right now, everywhere. After a successful defeat of the Night King during the Battle of Winterfell, the attention has now turned to King's Landing and the "final" war between good (Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryan) and evil (Cersei Lannister). During Episode 4 "The Last Of The Starks" Cersei and her lover/henchman Euron Greyjoy ambushed Daenerys in dramatic fashion, taking out one of two remaining Targaryan dragons and kidnapping, and killing of Dany's BFF Missandei.

But what has everybody talking is a pretty huge filming gaff from a usually perfect production team. Scroll down to see just some of the internet losing its mind over the post-battle celebration scene in Winterfell that includes a Starbucks cup on the table in front of Queen Daenerys. OOPS!

If you can move past all that, here's a deep dive into Episode 4, and continue to scroll for the teaser Episode 5 preview.

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