On This Day In 1970 The Beatles 'Let It Be'

Released on this day in 1970 Let It Be is the twelfth and final studio album by The Beatles. Released almost a month after the group's break-up, it was a number one album in many countries, including both the US and the UK, and was released in tandem with the motion picture of the same name. 


The film is famous for showing a number of conflicts between the band members and has frequently been referred to as a documentary that was intended to show the making of an album but instead shows the break-up of a band. 


Following several rejected mixes by producer Glyn Johns, a new version of the album was produced by Phil Spector. Paul McCartney was never pleased with the lush arrangements so in 2003 an alternate version of the album was released as Let It Be... Naked.

Let It Be was the last record of original studio material put out by the Fab Four but it was actually recorded before Abbey Road. It has gone on to sell nearly 8 million copies worldwide. Happy 49th Anniversary! 🍏



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